Kickboxing Programs

Adult Kickboxing Program


Our kickboxing class is a high energy, intense and addicting workout that will leave you in a pool of sweat! Our workouts and kickboxing techniques change daily so you'll never get bored. 

In this class you will be punching, kicking, and throwing 

knees & elbows at heavy bags in a group setting. 

  Woo Kickboxing has developed a proprietary kickboxing system which incorporates Boxing and Muay Thai Kickboxing as well as cardio conditioning, plyometrics, core strength training and more! Be prepared to burn 800-1200 calories per class as fitness kickboxing is proven to be the number one fat burning cardio exercise!

Children's Kickboxing Program


Our Junior Division Kickboxing classes range from ages 6-12. We have a structured kickboxing curriculum for kids that teaches them respect, discipline, confidence, and self defense in a fun energetic atmosphere. It is a well known fact that children that participate in programs like ours develop superior focus and also excel in academics. At Woo, we use a 10 belt ranking system to track their progress and identify goals for the child to strive to accomplish.