other services at woo

Nutrition Counseling


As with any transformation, it's not only what you do with your body, it's also what you put into your body that counts. Our nutrition counceling focuses on tailoring a meal plan template specific to your goals. Our methods include calculating your daily caloric intake, as well as your macro breakdown all while feeding you the foods you love. We are probably one of the only gyms that offer counseling in Nutrition in Orlando.

Workout Routine Planning


Ever walk into a gym or fitness facility and feel overwhelmed? Ever need advice on what exercises to do, how to do them or how often you should train? Let us do the plan for you and take the guesswork out! We can create a plan for you based on your needs, your availability and your goals.

Bodybuilding Contest Prep


Prepping for a bodybuilding, figure, or physique competition can be tricky. You need specific training with exercises & nutrition to help you deliver your best package on show day. We will meet with you for monthly check-ins covering meal plan modifications , workout routine changes, posing, etc. Your success is all that matters to us!

Life Coaching


Life coaching is a vocation that helps you address specific aspects of your life such as personal developments, business successes/challenges, general conditions/transitions, brainstorming, health & wellness, relationship & spirituality by examining what is going on at the present time, discovering what your obstacles are and choosing a course of action. Together as a team we will work on making your life be what you want it to be.